Vol. I – Summer Rain

Ellie Stray has no reason to complain: she’s an ambitious, successful real estate agent enjoying a vibrant New York City life while engaged to a man she loves. But when her beloved sister dies of a mysterious disease, things start to fall apart, until one day—having lost both her job and her fiancé—she wakes up in a strange town in the mountains of Montana with a killer hangover and no idea how she got there… That’s where Ellie meets Dan, the reserved but caring (and handsome!) guy who took care of her while she was passed out. When mysterious things start to happen in the quiet town that nobody wants to talk about, Ellie and Dan begin digging for the truth. On their journey they get involved in a strange, almost unbelievable story, that will change more than just Ellie’s and Dan’s world.

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Summer Rain is the first instalment of the Custodian series: an urban fantasy trilogy that follows the adventures of Ellie Stray, a seemingly ordinary New Yorker coming to terms with her otherworldly inheritance. Get ready to be drawn into an enchanting realm of magic, secrets and love in this series for adults and a joy for all “romantasy” fans.

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3 Doors Down – Here without you, Backstreet Boys – Incomplete, Christina Perri – A thousand years, One Direction – Story of my Life, One Republic – Something I Need, Snow Patrol – Run, Snow Patrol – Set down your glass, Stanfour – Learning to Breathe, Sunrise Avenue – Lifesaver

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